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Skin tag photos show how skin tags are removed

The small, soft growths you find hanging from your armpits, skin folds, back and groin are called skin tags. They are benign skin growths that are either skin color or dark in color and grow between 1-5 mm in length.

Skin tags don’t actually cause any problem to anyone; it’s only when it rubs against skin, clothing and jewelry that it can cause some discomfort. However if you think your skin tags are a problem, you should take a look at some of the many skin tags photos on the internet and in medical magazines. If after looking at these photos you decide you want to have your skin tags removed, click here for effective natural skin tag removal options.

Chronic skin tags require immediate removal options

There are some pictures of people having skin tags all over their bodies, with practically no empty space. After taking a look at such a photo like this, you tend to wonder how these people can actually live with the skin tags. With skin tags all over you, you will most likely feel pain and discomfort while wearing clothes and will definitely want to get rid of the skin tags.

In such chronic cases of skin tags, it is better to look and use an immediate form of skin tag removal. Cryotherapy and surgery are the best options. In case of cryotherapy, the doctor will either spray or apply liquid nitrogen on the skin tags.

This kills the skin tag cells, which consequently leads to the skin tags falling off. However if you opt for this form of skin tag removal, you have to ensure that the liquid nitrogen is applied only to the skin tags, and does not touch normal skin.

Make sure your equipment is sterile

In case of a surgery option, the doctor obviously uses sharp scissors to snip off the skin tags. It is important that the scissors are sterile, because it can lead to skin infections and other problems.

However as there is bound to be some bleeding once the skin tags are snipped off, this may not be a feasible option due to the amount of. Laser surgery is also another popular skin tag removal option where obviously the skin tags are removed using laser. However if this procedure is adopted, make sure that the laser is targeted only at the skin tags and does not touch normal skin.

The doctor is the best judge

It is also possible to get all those skin tags you found in looking at photos, removed using electricity. This process is called electrocauterization where an electric current is used to burn away the tags.

If you have skin tags, the physician is the best person to decide which skin tag removal options is best to use to treat your skin tag problem. Most dermatologists have the habit of taking skin tag photos before and after the skin tag removal. This is for proof and to show how effective their different skin tag removal options are to other clients.


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