Removing Skin Tags with Cryotherapy

The benefits of removing skin tags with cryotherapy

Both men and women suffer from embarrassing skin tags which are found on the face and other parts of the body that are easily visible to others. Though these skin tags are harmless and painless, they can prove to be annoying and embarrassing, especially while applying make-up, shaving or if they catch on clothing.

This is why people suffering from skin tags want to remove them. There are various options available to remove skin tags. One of these options involves removing skin tags with cryotherapy or cryosurgery.

Removing skin tags with cryotherapy is a popular option used for removing skin tags. With this skin tag removal option, the skin where the skin tag is located is frozen using extremely cold substances like liquid nitrogen, argon, dry ice or a cryoprobe

Three techniques used in cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a very easy process for removing skin tags that also comes with minimal risk. However it cannot be done at home, but rather needs to be done in a dermatologist’s or therapist’s clinic. It is done without giving any anesthesia to the customer; so you have to be ready to experience some pain during the process.

Removing skin tags with cryotherapy takes a short time, and can be done using three techniques. The most common technique used for removing skin tags can also be used for removing other benign skin growths. If you are someone who is looking for a more natural form of skin tag removal, click here.

Here, a cotton swab or any other form of applicator is dipped in the cryogen or extremely cold substance. This is then quickly applied to the skin tag to freeze it, and kill all its growth cells. If the skin tag is a rather big one, a second round of application of cryogen may be used to freeze the skin tags.

In the second cryotherapy removal technique, the cryogen is directly sprayed on the skin tags. Based on the size of the skin tag, this process may take five to 20 seconds, where the bigger the skin tag is, the longer the cryogen is sprayed.

The third technique used for removing skin tags with cryotherapy lies in using a pre-cooled cryprobe, which is frozen with cryogen to destroy the skin tags. Once again, depending on the size of the skin tags, this method may take a minute or longer.

Three benefits of using cryotherapy

There are many benefits to using cryotherapy for removing skin tags. First of all, it is a simple technique that takes only a few minutes to remove the skin tags. When compared to removal of skin tags using surgical incisions, there are fewer risks involved here.

The third benefit of using cryotherapy to remove the skin tags is that it helps stimulate the immune system of the patient. This in turn helps boost the body’s resistance in fighting malignant and cancerous growths.

In cryotherapy, the healthy skin cells of surrounding skin are not injured. So if you want a safe and effective means of removing your skin tags, cryotherapy proves to be the best available option for you.


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