Removal of Skin Tags Under The Arm

Underarm Skin Tags – Armpit Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are benign skin growths that grow in places where there are skin folds, for no specific reason. They are predominantly found on the neck, eyelid and groin. It is also common to find skin tags on underarm areas. Both men and women suffer from skin tags, which are usually skin color or darker, and between 1 to 5 mm in length.

Under arm skin tags generally develop because of the regular rubbing of skin layers under the arm, or in the chest region. In addition to this, as everyone sweats a lot in the armpit region, the moisture caused by perspiration adds to the growth of armpit skin tags.

Underarm skin tags are harmless, and don’t usually cause any pain. However some people may feel that the skin tags are rather uncomfortable. This usually occurs when skin tags under the arm rub against clothing or jewelry that the skin tag sufferer may wear.

Larger underarm skin tags should be removed first

There are various options you can use to remove armpit skin tags. Some of these skin tag removal options can be used at home and others are better performed by a doctor. Basically, its better to first work on removing the larger skin tags and then work on the smaller ones as larger ones tend to become more irritated if not treated for a long time.

You could try using some skin tag removal cream at home to get rid of your under arm skin tags. There are many skin tag removal products such as these available. If you are new to removing skin tags, take a look at reviews of various skin tag removal products to find out which is the most effective, and which proves to be the most effective to use in removing underarm skin tags.

One simple method for removing underarm skin tags involves covering the skin tag with a small length of duct tape, and leaving it on for a week. At the end of the week, the tag may come off along with the tape. If it the skin tag doesn’t come off just apply another piece of tape to the armpit and leave in place for a few more days. Depending on the actual location of your under arm skin tag, you may want to shave first!

Armpit skin tags removed more quickly

If you don’t have the patience or time to wait for days and weeks for the skin tags to fall off using over the counter creams and duct tape, you could always try ligation for removing your skin tags.

Ligation is a process where you tie the skin tag using a piece of thin thread or dental floss. This helps to cut off the blood supply to the skin tag, and in just a few days you will find that the underarm skin tag will fall off. If using this method you should ensure that you do not leave long, loose ends on the thread which may catch in clothing or jewelry and pull on the skin tag before it is ready to fall off.

If required, the doctor will cut off the skin tag using a sharp and safe pair of scissors or blade for immediate relief from skin tags. As there may be some bleeding at this point, its better to place a band aid on the area to stop the bleeding.

Armpit skin tag removal with cryotherapy

Armpit skin tags can also be removed using cryotherapy. With this method a little liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the skin tag to kill its cells. Once the cells are killed, the skin tag falls off. The amount of liquid nitrogen to be sprayed on the skin tags depends on the size of them; the larger they are, the more they require.

It is better to consult your doctor for advice on the best method for removing under arm skin tags with minimal hassle or complications.

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