Over the Counter Skin Tag Removal

Over the counter skin tag removal products effectively remove skin tag

Skin tags are skin colored, benign growths that occur on various parts of the body. You can find them on the face, neck region, under the breasts and armpits and even on eyelids and your genitals. Skin tags are also called acrochordons or papillomas, but are not caused by the papilloma virus.

If you suffer from skin tags, you should know that not much can be done to prevent them as their cause is not known. They tend to develop more in people with diabetics, the obese and those in old age. However it is possible to remove skin tags using over the counter skin tag removal products or with a doctor’s help.

Skin tags vary from 1 mm to 5 cm in size, and can develop in both men and women. They first look like tiny, soft bumps on the skin that grow into flesh colored skin pieces with a stalk-like peduncle over time. Though painless, skin tags can be irritating and annoying when rubbed, especially on the neck region.

Skin tags can be twisted off

Most people consider removing skin tags purely for cosmetic regions as skin tags can cause some embarrassment if they are found in a visible and prominent position. It is possible to remove the skin tag by twisting or turning it on its stalk or peduncle. However by doing this, a blood clot may form within it, which in turn makes the skin tag very painful.

Over the counter skin tag removal products can be used to remove skin tags from the comfort of your home. To most people, these products are the most feasible option for removing skin tags.

You can use the internet to find out more about the various over the counter skin tag removal products available. Instead of using the first product you come across, you should go through reviews of different products to find out what other people have to say about the product.

Find the best over the counter skin tag product

By going through the reviews, you learn which is over the counter skin tag removal product gives the best and fastest results, and which have their share of risks and side effects.

You could also seek medical advice to remove the skin tag. The doctor will use a sharp surgical tool to snip off the skin tag, and plaster it to prevent bleeding. Though this is a quick and effective process at removing skin tags, it can be expensive if you have more than one skin tag to remove.

Another option you have for removing skin tags is your sterilizing your skin and then tying the skin tag at its base. This stops blood circulation to the skin tag and over time the skin tag dies and falls off.

It is up to you to decide how you want to remove your skin tags. While weighing the pros and cons of each method, the most painless method that uses minimal effort in your part to remove the skin tags is through over the counter skin tag removal products.

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