Natural Health Lab in Oklahoma

My excitement and appreciation of documented patient natural healing successes have led us to open the Natural Health Lab, a processing center and Hallmark Wellness Group affiliate in Oklahoma City, OK, USA.

Looking back at the last two years of my life, I think God was guiding my steps every day, to bring me to this wonderful opportunity to assist people.

Why did we create the Natural Health Lab?

Two years ago I lost a dear sweet friend with a gentle spirit to hospital mistakes. I thought at the time that there must be a better way to diagnose the body’s problems and needs, rather than doing exploratory surgery and endangering the patient’s life with infections and non-related problems.

Also, I was ill for many months and doctors thought the remedy for me was several rounds of antibiotics. Nothing seemed to be leading me to good health until a business colleague shared the Hallmark Wellness Group contact information. When I visited the Hallmark Clinic in Sulphur, Oklahoma, and went onto a personalized wellness program, I was amazed at the identification of a viral infection that the allopathic medical community had been unable to identify, and the almost immediate improvement in my health, and non-dieting weight loss, when I began my anti-viral program.

My need to assist others in finding a path towards wellness was so strong, that two months after my initial visit to Sulphur, I left the financial industry, where my long-time career had been as a financial consultant and stockbroker since 1974, to enter the world of naturopathic wellness.

Where you can find Natural Health Lab?

We are currently the only CLIA compliant laboratory in Oklahoma City that offers services to a naturopath and allopathic medical professionals as well as to individual patients. We are available to schedule appointments for you to come to the lab, or to begin an outreach process through the overnight specimen mail program. It is our hope that we may assist you with your health needs, the needs of your friends with health problems, or if you are an innovative physician, we can custom design a program for you to use our services with your patients. We have now opened the Natural Health Lab, the first centrally located processing lab for the Hallmark Wellness Group, located in Oklahoma City across the street west of the Mercy Hospital.

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