Moles and Skin Tags

Moles and skin tags can be removed

Moles are also called melanocytic naevus and are common benign growths of melanocytes, the color cells of the skin. Moles start appearing in the first year of life, and starts growing in the teen years and on trough the twenties.

Skin tags tend to appear in both adult men and women. There is no specific cause for skin tags, but it is a known fact that the tags are benign and harmful. Though moles and skin tags don’t harm a person, many people want to remove moles skin tags for cosmetic purposes.

Once these skin tag and moles are removed, the skin returns to its smooth texture. Moreover, to many, the skin tags prove to be bothersome when it rubs against skin, clothing and jewelry.

Using Oregano oil

If you have moles or skin tags, and are uncomfortable with them, they can be removed using various options. They can be removed surgically, or naturally removed or without any needles and trips to the doctors office.

If you have the time and patience, you can aim at removing skin tags using a small bottle of Oregano oil, band aids and cotton swabs. Just wash the area with moles and skin tags with your hands.

After that apply Oregano oil to the cotton swab and apply to the skin while taking care not to get oil on the healthy skin surrounding the moles and skin tags. If any oil falls on the healthy skin, wipe it away using water and then apply a bandage over the skin tags and moles.

This has to be repeated daily till the skin of the skin tags and moles flake off. You may have to do this for up to two weeks, depending on the size and placement of the moles and skin tags.

Be careful while using Oregano oil on your body as it sloughs off skin, and can burn. If there is any itchiness, warmth or pain after applying Oregano oil, wash off using soap and water. However if there is any pain, swelling or excessive itching, discontinue use of the oil.

Surgical removal of moles and skin tags

If you don’t have the time or patience to wait for the skin tag moles to fall off, you can opt for surgical mole removal. The doctor uses an incision to remove deep skin moles, which is later sutured. If the mole is not very deep, the doctor may shave the raised portion of the mole.

Laser mole removal uses a laser to remove the mole, which offers a quicker recovery time. However this removal procedure has to be done by a professional. If you are looking for immediate removal of skin tags, it is also possible by surgical snipping of the skin tags. As there will be some bleeding on removing the skin tag, a band aid is applied on the region.

Another option you have for removing skin tags is cryotherapy where liquid nitrogen is sprayed or applied on the skin tag to kill its cells. This leads to the skin tags falling off.

What it comes down to is the question if you want your moles and skin tags to be removed slowly but naturally or the quickly and with a surgical procedure.


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