Liquid Bandage Skin Tags

Liquid Bandage Skin Tags

If you have noticed a mole like skin growth on your body, you might wonder what in the world is going on? This may be a skin condition which many suffer from. This is what you call a skin tag. Skin tags are not contagious nor will they cause harm to your health if they are watched carefully. With age, you may notice a few more skin tags which will grow mostly on the face and neck area. Skin tags are removable if you choose to have it done. Other people will just let them go and move on with life, not worry about their skin tags.

Many will ask the question, what is a skin tag? One thing you need to understand is that a skin tag is very common no matter who you are, or your age. They do not occur just over a specific age group or on a certain type of skin. They are simply a skin abnormality that occurs to protrude out on top of your own skin. Many skin tags will be the same color as your skin tone and others will be darker in color. The stalk or peduncle is the small band of tissue that attaches itself to your skin from the inside out.

What are options when it comes to removing skin tags?

Many will try home remedies that have been around for many centuries where others will speak to their doctor and get advice. If you feel that you would like to try something which is over the counter you may be interested in using liquid bandage skin tags. Liquid bandage skin tags are common form of skin tag removal. We offer liquid bandages to begin your process of removing your skin tags. Other options which you can consider would be having it removed with liquid nitrogen or cut off by scissors or a sharp blade which is done in the doctor’s office. So would you prefer to get your skin tag removed with a liquid, liquid bandage skin tags bandage or cut off? Of course many will use the pain free method that will not call upon using needles to numb the skin. If you want to go with the pain free method, the liquid bandage skin tags would be the great options for those individuals.

How does the liquid bandage skin tag work?

This is a topical treatment that is applied to the skin tag area and then will dry to make a barrier such as a polymer layer tenaciously binding the skin tag to make sure it is secure from infections. Cyanoacrylate which is the primary component in the liquid bandage skin tags is what will dry up the skin tag and eventually have the tag fall off without having to head to your doctors office for it to be removed. Depending on the size, it may take a few days or even a few weeks, but in the end you will notice that your skin tag will be removed by using liquid bandage skin tags. This is the most natural way to remove a skin tag off of your body without causing infection or irritation.


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