Cure for Skin Tags

Looking for the perfect cure for skin tags

If you suffer from skin tags, you will be happy to know that this is not something to worry about. The reason being skin tags are harmless, benign, protruding growths that in no way cause any problems to you.

There is no actual cause for the formation of skin tags. It occurs on both adult men and women, and are seldom found in children. They are found mostly in skin regions that tend to fold like neck, eyelid, armpits and groin region. Skin tags can be the color of your skin or slightly dark in color, and between 1 mm to 5mm in size.

Though skin tags don’t cause any harm, people suffering from skin tags are always looking for a cure to their skin tags. This is because skin tags can cause some discomfort when the skin tags rub against the clothing and jewelry they wear. Moreover, once the skin tags are removed, the skin looks smooth once again.


To provide some relief from this comfort, there are various treatment options you can use as a cure for skin tags. One of them is called ligation, where a thin piece of thread or floss is used to tie the skin tag at its base.

This cuts the blood supply to the skin tag and kills its cells so that over a period of time, the skin tag will fall off. If you cannot wait for the skin tag to fall off, the doctor may snip off the tag using a sterile pair of scissor. Ligation can be carried out both at home or the doctor’s clinic. For other natural removal options that you can do at home, click here.

Cryotherapy or freezing skin tags is another treatment option for skin tags. Here cryogenic liquid nitrogen is used to freeze off the skin tags. This can be done either by dipping a cotton swab into liquid nitrogen and applying or by spraying it on the skin tags. As there is some pain involved here, if the patient does not have a high pain tolerance level, doctors may use an anesthetic before performing it.

Surgical option

Some people prefer undergoing a small surgery to remove their skin tags. Here the doctor uses some local anesthetic in the skin tag region, and removes it using either sharp scissors or a sharp blade. There may be some bleeding on the removal of the skin tag, which is why a band aid will be applied on the skin tag.

Though this looks easy and could be performed at home, it is not advised to do so. This is because the skin tags have to be carefully snipped off, and there is always a risk of infection after its removal.

As removal of skin tags is purely a cosmetic procedure, and is not a medical problem, most health insurance plans don’t pay for its expenses. So if you have many skin tags to be removed, it proves to be cheaper trying out some of the many skin tag removal creams available in the market. Though these products may not provide an immediate skin tags cure, the skin tags do fall off after some time.

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